For the laugh of the lavender tincture!

I was having a bad day, or more likely a cold day last week as we got a taste of winter here in New Orleans. It dipped below 50 at night ( don’t laugh northerners…) and I remembered that I had made some lavender tincture enough weeks ago and that it was ready to rescue me, not from the cold but from the depression that comes with it!lavender-tincture

So I ran to my witchen cabinet ( no spelling error thank you) and filled my own prescription! Just a few drops later ( I start with 5 just to be safe) I was laughing like a group of teenage girls and I liked it! Lavender comes from the word ” laver” in French which mean to wash away and as Janet Kent of medecine county herbs wrote in her awesome herbal zine ” Ease your mind”(bought it at Maypop herb shop in the Marigny) it is helpful with washing away old patterns and helps us make room for new ways of thinking. Recipe below:

A simple lavender tincture recipe:

This recipe is dedicated to the women that came to the class I taught this past Sunday about herbal gift making ( see it here) because they asked for it!

Fill a jar half full or 2/3 with lavender flowers that you can buy here.

Add organic vodka or your preferred alcohol at least 80 proof, I chose Trader Joe’s organic Gin this time because why not?

Shake it, check it the next day to make sure all flowers are under the giggle water and let sit for at least 6 weeks. And although I recently read that in chinese medecine they make this stuff by the cauldron full and let it sit 6 months, 6 weeks is what is done in most herbal kitchens/ witchens so you can decide what you wanna do! Once you taste how the lavender has worked it’s magic on the gin if using, you won’t be able to wait too long anyway.

Use for anxiety or depression but try it first and then see if it works for you, I hope you giggle too!





4 thoughts on “For the laugh of the lavender tincture!

  1. I’m so sorry to have missed the class. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. I am in for next time…I’m done with school at the end of the month! Yay!


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