Traveling with herbs… A short list of my essentials.


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and although I used to carry too many clothes, I think the new struggle for me is the medecine I need to bring to be comfortable, especially as someone who only uses herbal and natural methods of healing. I am only mentioning car travel today but I’m pretty sure you can have small amounts of salves with you on the plane and maybe even small amounts of tinctures.

As usual, keeping things to a minimum requires preparation. I make some of my own tinctures (which takes weeks), my own salves (can take just an afternoon). To carry it all I use a bamboo utensils carrier to keep the bottles from rattling too much. ( As seen in the background in the picture above), I put this carrier into a cooler bag to keep the medecine from extreme temperatures as well ( no ice necessary, in my opinion, it’s too messy) and also it is easier to carry in and out of the car.

Ask a doctor or an herbalist if you are not sure whether you can take those remedies because this is just a list of what I use for my personal ailments such as allergies, sunburn, insomnia, the blues, stress, etc… I hope you will find it helpful too, here we go:

Plantain, comfrey, calendula, arnica and lavender (with olive and coconut oils) salve for booboos and most skin problems. Recipe coming soon on the blog 🙂 if you can’t wait, check Rosemary Gladstar’s books, or Pinterest!

Bug repellent made with essential oils ( recipe to come soon as well!) including catnip ( apparently stronger than deet!) citronella, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender… And many more!

Calming tinctures such as lemon balm, wild rose and skullcap ( I need a lot of calming!)

Sleep aid tincture of Passion flower, which helps me a lot during the full moon!

Flower essences found in Rescue remedy for acute stress situations.

When I have pollen allergies I take stinging nettles tincture. It also gives me a boost in nutrition as it is full of minerals, just smell it, it smells like fish!

My plantain tincture helps with drawing things out of the skin, another good one for bug bites both externally and internally.

Cayenne tincture, tastes good with coffee, but is great if you start feeling a tingle in your throat, just a few drops in water will do, I took a dropper full and felt that I swallowed hot sauce directly, just a warning 🙂

My three favorite homeopathic remedies : Arnica Montana for bruises, Apis Mellifica for bug bites, Belladonna, good for heat after a sunburn or fever or when you start feeling sick as well, as usual watch for the early signs.

Lavender essential oil for bug bites and because it smells good!

I have quite a few things for bug bites on here,but I like to diversify and I am pretty sensitive to bugs as you gathered from this list.

I hope this tiny traveling pharmacy helps your travels be safer and less buggy, feel free to add any recommendations in the comments!

Happy travels!


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