Chai after chai…

After being productive this Sunday morning and doing some research for my vegetarian tour ( by eating some local vegetarian fare) I decided my afternoon could be just as productive!
Sure I did not move my pile of clothes from the beds in the middle bedroom, but that is not as fun as making chai so I won’t pretend I know where my priorities are today. By the way you can get the ingredients for this recipe online at Mountain rose herbs or in the bulk section of your coop, grocery or local herb shop. Here in Nola we are lucky enough to have 2 herb shops (that I know of anyway) Maypop herb shop and Rosalie apothecary. It’s important to support your local herb shop because they really are doing a service to the community by being there and offering their knowledge plus you will meet your local herbal community.
Remember to have fun shopping for the ingredients and feel free to make this recipe your own, getting there is part of the process after all, and it’s usually the best part 🙂

Chai recipe from my friend Theron:

Equal parts:
Pepper corn
Star anise
Cardamom seed
Fennel seed
Cinnamon chips.

Half the amount of :
Whole cloves

You can add some fresh ginger and some orange peels if you’d like as well.

If you have about half a cup to 3/4 cup of spices after that, use your mortar and pestil to crush them enough to get the flavors out. Then mix with about a cup of black tea, add about 3 liters of water which seems to be about 3/4 of a gallon and bring to a boil. Simmer for a bit then strain.
To prepare it with milk or any nut milk of your liking, add milk and sweetener of choice and bring back to a boil then pour and enjoy once cooled. For strong purposes I made it without milk and will reheat it when I fell like having a cup.

That’s it not too complicated right? I made it with hazelnut milk today for a vegan style chai and it was delicious.

Chai forward my friends 🙂



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