Inspiration and your one precious life…

We all want to change the world, change our bad habits, change our family’s bad habits. But as Rumi said and I quote ” “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”. Now I don’t need to explain more since the quote is pretty powerful. But I have been pondering lately about my own change and our world. Since I stopped working on the outside and working on my inside, I have discovered a few things and mostly the power that I have when I change myself and my attitude. I have worked with a friend who is a life coach Brenda Steffon last year and even though I did not think I was ready, thanks to her help I organized 2 Permaculture workshops from top to bottom and they were amazingly successful! Goodness just keeps coming when I follow my bliss and listen to my inner voice and it can be the same for anyone.
Now there is another part of change that is very important to me and it is the power of education. We are never done learning and that is a good thing. Even Bill Mollison one of the “important” guys in Permaculture says that the more you learn about Permaculture the less you know about it. The way I understand that quote is that there is so much to know that you can never know everything and that’s ok. Be empowered by the possibility of learning, instead of being paralyzed by the fear of ignorance. One of the tools I use for more education is Marie Forleo and Marie tv. She is an inspiring life coach who gives back immensely with free educational videos and I am glad she does. One thing I will start doing thanks to her is get consistent when I blog because I am consistent in everything else I do so why not be consistent with myself and my own dreams and then put my voice out there!
Today I would like to share one of the videos that pushed this post out of me after a few months away from the blog which is about money management and life in general from a Marie tv videowhich wether you agree with it or not is an interesting point of view and can help you change yourself so you can make a difference and share your gift with the world, and that is what matters to me 🙂



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