Horse hair in the walls and art on the mind.

Living in a double shotgun house in New Orleans has been an experience in itself. No insulation means that 45 degrees will feel like 23 and high ceilings that all your heat will be up in your future loft bed. It also means that breaking through 120 year old walls you can find wood for art projects that has been glued together with horse hair and mud ( I was told by a few people now that thta’s how they did ) By the look of it, these pieces of wood are not very interesting but if you look up close you will see the hairs, the mud and perhaps feel the sweat of the men and women ( Why not! ) who slapped that stuff together over 120 years ago. Who were they, where were they from, what did they eat? ( Because food is important to me), what was important to them, what were their dreams? So as an homage to my house and the people who built it I wanted to use the materials that were here and create something out of them. Some of the wood will become biochar and some of it will be art. The image that came to me while thinking/ meditating about this was a horse as seen below. This horse study will be appearing on the wood hopefully pretty soon. In the meantime let’s remember to be thankful for those who came before us and also remember that the problem can be the solution.



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