Moon flower essence on a full moon.

Moonflowers are pretty magical. They grow on a vine and open up at night under the moonlight for one night only. One night only seemed too short for me so I looked up if I could make a flower essence out of this wonderful flower. Turns out you can! Keep in mind that I also found out that this is a poisonous plant so just do your research before doing anything with it. On a more positive note I also discovered that this flower essence will allow you to get rid of unwanted emotional burdens ( from this life or a previous one) through quiet introspection as you can see on this site which sells the essence if you don’t have any moonflowers around like I do.
So armed with my calendar I waited for the full moon to harvest my moonflower because it seemed appropriate. I did not read that I had to wait for the full moon but it just felt right, so I listened to my quiet inner voice on that one. I picked the flower with an old leaf and then placed on a spiraled water bowl. Tap water is not supposed to do but my husband filtered it and then spiraled it in a way that Viktor Shauberger could be proud of. Spring water bottled in plastic somehow seemed less pure in the end.
Another thing to keep in mind when making flower essences is that you need to spend time with the flower before you pick it and ask permission to harvest her power. If its sounds crazy to you then you’re not alone, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I see things that others would find common sense as crazy. After all, popular science did tell us that the earth was, for sure flat at one point! I could go on with examples but I’m only here to tell you about moonflowers today!
So after your flower sits on the water through the night, you can come and take it off the water with chopsticks or a leaf. You are left with your mother essence after you strain and mix it with Brandy or vinegar ( half water essence, half brandy). Your mother essence can last years, after all the Bach flower company still has original essences made by Doctor Bach himself!
Once you have that mother essence it only takes a few drops ( maybe 4) of it in a dropper bottle made up of Brandy or vinegar to make a stock bottle. This is for acute conditions. The next level would be to make a dosage bottle filled mostly with spring water and brandy or vinegar as your preservative ( 7 drops to one teaspoon.). You can add up to 5 different essences in one bottle!
This recipe was given to me by one of my teachers at the Appalachia school of holistic herbalism so if you share it give them credit!
So keeping in mind that the moon flower is poisonous to ingest I am still going to be careful with my flower essence. But since others seem to be taking it I guess I’ll just start with small doses and hopefully start working through my past and present life emotional burdens! I’ll let you know how it goes if you ask but for now I am still in search of organic Brandy to finish my essence so if you have a good source let me know!



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