Beautiful regenerative design.


Trash is not an exciting subject. It stinks, it takes room in your kitchen, you pay a stranger to haul it away. But in regenerative design waste or trash are helpful to creating new things. Composted foods can tremendously help your gardens thrive and some methods of composting such as Bokashi allow you to compost everything you eat from fruits to meat to eggs and dairy products.

So this morning as I was emptying my counter top Bokashi compost into my bigger one outside, I stopped to admire it for a minute and remember how beautiful regenerative design can benefit from things we think are ugly or smelly or both. I stopped and took a picture and was thankful for this trash that will be a treasure for my soil and my future plants and really took a minute to write this down to remember it next time I smell my smelly trash.

This text brought to you by the Bokashi compost advocacy group 🙂


4 thoughts on “Beautiful regenerative design.

    1. So glad I could help! I was introduced to Bokashi by one of my Permaculture teachers a couple years ago and it was THE revelation out of the class for me! It is pretty simple stuff and not as messy as one would think. I have a counter top container which I then empty in a bigger 5 gallon container that I let ferment for a few weeks. The bigger container should not be open more than once a day or every other day to let the micro organism do their thing and every time you pour into it you add some of the Bokashi medium. After that 5 gallon bucket is ready, you bury it under 6 inches of soil and after 2 weeks you will have wonderful garden soil! Another tip: my Bokashi buckets are two food grade 5 gallon buckets. One has holes in it to capture the Bokashi tea at the bottom which is to be diluted to use as plant food! Hope this helps, see you on line!

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