Les Jerusalem artichokes s’il vous plaît!

Yesterday I was reminded by my friend Theron of the fabulousness of the Jerusalem artichokes. Those guys are edible root vegetables and they also give you the pleasure of looking at sunflower type flowers, now who wouldn’t want that?
So when I woke up this morning, still dreaming about my future crops I needed to know how to talk about those sun chokes in French. As I read the word ” topinambours “come up on my screen I thought to myself, ” Mais oui” I heard that before!Now please don’t try to pronounce this, but do take time to plant some of those guys in your edible landscape or somewhere in your food forest because you will probably love them. Of course you have to keep up with them and eat the roots because if you forget,they will spread without asking for permission. Additionally as I type this my friend Theron (who is in town to teach a couple Permaculture classes at our house, yes living the dream people,living the dream, in between cockroaches attacks and other minor sub tropical fun!) told me that cutting the flowers to use as cut flowers will actually help the roots grow, so go ahead and use those pretty flowers in those nice antique vases you got at Goodwill!
And last but not least if you don’t know what to do with those precious roots I did find this wonderful recipe for a Jerusalem artichokes soupthat should convince you to make room in your garden if you were not convinced already!
Enjoy your topinambours and your wonderful bouquets my friends!



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