Vanagon dreams in California.

Taking a vacation when you are an ” adult” usually means going to visit your family or taking the kids somewhere if you have them. I love my families ( yes I have a few and they live anywhere from a few US states to France) but I need to take time from my own life in a new and obscure place once in a while in order to reboot myself and I realized this year that I had not done that in many years!
The sense of wonder that you get when you travel to a new place is worth any expansive program a retreat center can offer you. This is the place where you will meet yourself again and learn to like it while probably going through a phase of ” What was I thinking coming here?” But then you will realize you are safe wherever you go and learn the new habits and street signs of that new unconventional place you have elected to go to this year.
For me this year the obscure place I had always wanted to visit was California. I know, very wild right! Organic food everywhere you go, sunny afternoons, happy people…
So I found some cheaper tickets to fly in San Francisco and just booked them! After that wild crazy act of rebellion I was left to dream about what we were gonna do but it was difficult for me to really leave it up to the world so I booked a few nights on airbnb,rented a car and left many days open to camp and hostel it out ( at my age you do hostel in private rooms).
It was a wonderful experience as I got to stay at a community in the hills above Napa with hot springs and naked people who eat organic lettuce, took breaths amongst some millennial trees, scared an otter by the river, hanged loose on a super moon light beach…. etc… It was all so rejuvenating and wonderful that it helped me remember some things I had always wanted to do and where I could take my life and business from here. But it also reminded me that I always wanted to cross the desert in a VW bus ( Plus I could use it in my future Eco tours of New Orleans of course) and what better place to find one of those than in California after burning man,man?
So I checked Craigslist and found a bus in 2 days and we are getting ready to head home to New Orleans in it. Now this time not too much planning since we can sleep in the back of our van but a real feeling of adventure. It feels good to meet myself again since I am the kind of person who traveled solo to a new country across an ocean to meet a guy she had met on a train. All that before Facebook, couchsurfing and all that jazz which makes traveling as a solo female a lot safer. I felt I had lost her but she is making a come back and I like it! So my advice is go on a vacation somewhere you have never been and let some of the details out, try some new things and find your sense of wonder and your 20 year old self again. You can thank yourself for it later…



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