Sharing the road…


bike caleidoscope

I noticed a white bicycle adorned with flowers on my way home last night at a big intersection a few blocks from my house. (St. Claude and Elysian Fields for locals.) I did not think anything of it since many artists do street installations, but this morning I learned that a man was killed on his bike at this very intersection on Thursday night. A very nice man who was not at fault, and got killed due to negligence of yet another driver. I’m not one of those annoying bikers who yell at people (or only when necessary) but I would like to take this opportunity to remind ourselves that often we are on both sides of the aisle. I am sometimes the driver,the biker or the pedestrian. And even if we are only drivers or bikers you surely have friends and family who are one or the other or something in between. So maybe we can start acting like friends instead of enemies and stop debating about faults and laws. I would like to see some real solutions coming out of sad incidents like this one so that it does not happen again.¬† They are out there if we get out of our own ways and let go of our egos.(I know easier said than done) I had come across an example in northern Europe where the bike lane is placed after the line of parked cars in order to protect cyclists,instead of having the bike lane sandwiched by the line of traffic and the parked cars. This makes great sense and would prevent quite a bit of accidents. The city of Oakland is calling it parking protected bike lanes. The city of New Orleans has promised to look into making this intersection safer, let’s hope they look towards other cities or countries for examples of what to do next.


One thought on “Sharing the road…

  1. There are a lot more people riding bicycles in New Orleans these days. And some of people are children – our own children. There are ways to make the streets safer for bikes. If we all work together, we CAN make that happen.


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