The sharing economy?!?!

The sharing economy. If you have not heard it already, you will hear it soon. I believe in sharing resources because we don’t have a choice but also because we do. We have the choice to buy a car or rent one, and the difference is that I don’t own it but I get access to the freedom a car can give. But I don’t pay insurance every month and I don’t have to remember where I parked. It makes sense for some of us when all you need is access,because really I only use my car a few hours a week.
But what about food,housing or clothes? Can we find a way to peacefully co-own these things? Some of us find ways to share a house,others a building and others rent out their clothes or have potlucks. I will be adding more examples in the blog of the sharing economy and what it means to me and others but today I thought I would share something people have done for a while and that I’ve just started doing with a few friends. We share meals. I cook a dish for 10 or more and each person that shows up to the party also cooks a dish for 10 or more. We are still figuring things out but so far so good. I made a a coconut lentil and curry soup and got to eat zuchini and goat cheese gratin,quinoa enchiladas and a few more dishes by cooking just one dish. It makes sense economically and it’s fun. I put it up on the meetup I organise about Permaculture in New Orleans, and 8 of us ate well for a few days! It’s like a better potluck because you take your food home and get to just enjoy for a few days!
Recently I’ve had the feeling of being owned by my things instead of owning them, which is true if I am really honest with myself. What is really important to you, ( and none of these things are better than the other, just a matter of knowing what YOU want) your career,your cell phone,your dog, more time with your loved ones, a beautiful car or a trip to Costa Rica? I think I would rather collect experiences than material things and that is my choice but at least I am aware of making ( or not making) that choice.
It can be difficult to part with things that own us but in order to truly be happy I think that we need to face the music. So what do you think owns you and that you wish didn’t? Is there anything you can do about it? Even just imagining different possible scenarios could be freeing, no need to sell your car just yet but maybe the sharing economy could help you keep the access to what you need while getting your freedom back. That is what I’m going for anyway, because freedom is one of my core desired feelings as I found out by reading The Desire Map What’s yours? How do you really want to feel and can ownership of too much stuff be getting in your way?


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