Will your shampoo go the extra mile?


Whether you are concerned with being green or not you probably wash your hair and use soap, (I hope…) and therefore this tip is for you! I brought back from my summer trip to Europe a fabulous biodegradable shampoo that cost about 8 dollars there but will cost me about 20 here. I was resigned and about to wash my hands of it with my foaming soap dispenser until I realized…I could make my own liquid soap for my soap dispenser,and then why not do the same with my shampoo? What a revolutionary idea,diluting my shampoo to use it longer,what a discovery and such a big step for humanity….wait other people thought of it before me?oh well,still I’ m glad I thought of it….second!

Here is the recipe:

Liquid hand soap or shampoo with foaming soap dispenser

Mix 1/3 soap or shampoo with 2/3 warm water,swirl and it’s done!
now you can wash your hands and hair of it!



4 thoughts on “Will your shampoo go the extra mile?

  1. I do this too, mainly because I hate to waste those hard-to-get-at pockets of soap or shampoo. Only problem is, I sometimes forget that the soap is watered down and it squirts all over the place! Thanks for following my blog!


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