Key hole garden, a solution for flooded areas…

Key hole garden by melhardy
Key hole garden, a photo by melhardy on Flickr.

I need to introduce you to an organization that helps people in impoverished countries learn how to make key hole gardens. These little gardens prevent flood waters from killing the plants or prevent them from drying out in very hot region. The center key hole is a reservoir of food and water for the plants as well. Check out their facebook page here.
My husband and I made a key hole garden in March because we are in New Orleans and it floods here,plus the soil can be full of heavy metals. We used only locally available materials such as palm tree leaves for the basket that we found on the side of the road. Our seeds are growing and we should get some squash and beans soon! A good video to show you how to make one of those can be found here as well! Happy gardening!


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