Garlic and zuchini soup for the soul…

Garlic and zuchini soup by melhardy
Garlic and zuchini soup, a photo by melhardy on Flickr.

Whenever I smell garlic cooking in a kitchen it brings me back to my grandmother’s house in the suburbs of Paris in Argenteuil where I would visit my “Mamie” every Sunday. We would usually be late for lunch and my grandpa “Papou” would give my dad trouble but he would quickly offer him a “kir” (white wine or red wine with fruit liquor) to help him recover from the 30 minute drive from the city. My grandparents house was small but cozy with a great big garden that had helped them feed their family through the years. My mum and her siblings grew up with chickens,rabbits and sometimes even a pig in the backyard and of course loads of vegetables and fruits. Growing your own already made sense back then,especially for a blue collar family with one working parent and 4 children. Today on top of needing to grow our own because of economical needs, we have to protect ourselves from GMO foods and weird weed killers that are sprayed on our foods! When I went to the (not so) super market to get zucchinis and garlic for my soup I could not help but think how unnatural this was since these two ingredients could have been grown in my backyard! Anyway if you happen to enjoy garlic and zuchs here is the recipe, and my hope is that by next year year we’ll be able to pick all the ingredients for this from our own gardens!

Zucchini and garlic soup,by Kathleen Wright

Sauté cubed zucchinis in olive oil,add garlic when done to prevent burning of garlic.

Purée zuchs and garlic together until creamy

Add chicken stock and let simmer for a bit,add a bay leaf or whatever spice strikes your fancy,for me it’s Cajun seasoning! Kathleen recommends a touch of lemon juice at the end as well, to bring out the flavors, I’ll try that next time…



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