Natural foods not so natural after all…

           Natural beach on the Oregon coast 😉

I’ll try to make this short, unlike all the articles on the matter that most people probably skip even though they are very informative. Natural foods are NOT organic, meaning they might contain GMO’s. That’s one of the most important part of the article “USDA forces Whole foods to Accept Monsanto” anyway. The other one is that we should say something to our local governments to force legislation on GMO labeling.  At least if it were labeled we could make an informed choice about what we eat,right now we are just getting fed S- -T sandwiches with a side of round up ready corn. You might be thinking,what’s the big deal about GMO’s? Don’t take my word for it or don’t listen to what research has to say, but, like our government, listen to the sweet words of a Monsanto executive: “If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.” ( So there you go,now you can make your own mind up!


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