Our home!

our home! by melhardy
our home!, a photo by melhardy on Flickr.

A couple of nights ago,as I woke up gently from an Oregonian summer night from under my sub zero sleeping bag (Yes necessary here in the SUMMER),I heard the not so gentle roar of what we call a Cougar feeding upon a squeaking animal. As I rose up the first words out of my mouth were not as one would expect,”let’s get the F— out of here.” but ” I think that’s not a small cat.” After a moment of sitting and waiting we realized the big cat was gone,and our small cat was back asleep,although the dog wanted to check it out,which we didn’t because it was in the woods and there is no need to push your luck right?

Anyways,this is our home for now and it allows us to see the starry skies above the dark silhouette of the evergreens at night and it protects us from…the rain!


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